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Live Roulette

Naked Live Roulette

The roulette wheel has a certain attraction for all live casino players. This attraction is only increased by the attractive ladies dancing around the table at Pornhub Casino and scantily clad Playboy bunnies at Royal Vegas. At Pornhub Casino you can enjoy the bare breasts of the croupier when you make a big win. At both casinos you have the ability to choose between a themed live casino or the regular casino tables.

Play Roulette at Pornhub Casino

Roulette Pornhub Casino

Pornhub Casino offers one live roulette table with a beautiful South American babe to spin the wheel. While she sensually dances to the beat of the music players have time to place their bets and try not to be distracted by the half-naked croupier in front of them. The live dealers wear revealing lingerie and flash their perky breasts when you make a big win. Their soft eyes, wet lips, and round curves result in an extra intense live roulette experience. At the live roulette table you can choose from four betting options:

  • $ 1 – $ 100
  • $ 5- $ 500
  • $ 100 – $ 1,000
  • $ 1,000 – $ 10,000

Play Roulette at Pornhub Casino!

Play Roulette at Royal Vegas

Roulette Royal Vegas

Are you a fan of the Playboy bunnies and have you paged through the Playboy magazine? If yes, then Royal Vegas is absolutely the online casino for you! They offer the Microgaming live casino software, which has a Playboy themed option next to the regular live casino. The studio is completely adapted accordingly and the live dealers wear the full Playboy outfit: heels, tights, a red or black corset, a fluffy bunny tail, cuffs, a bowtie, and of course, the well-known Playboy bunny ears. While this live casino is classier than the Pornhub Casino, the tantalizing view of these bunnies makes up for their lack of dancing. At the Playboy themed live roulette table at Royal Vegas you can choose from the following betting limits:

Single player live roulette table

  • $ 1 – $ 25
  • $ 2 – $ 5
  • $ 5 – $ 10

Multiplayer live roulette table

  • $ 1 – $ 250
  • $ 2 – $ 5
  • $ 5 – $ 10

Play Roulette at Royal Vegas!